I’ve been in and around Big Lake since the summer of 1955.  I grew up there on the weekends in the summer; swam, boated, and water skied, but I never did much fishing.  To me it was BORING!
And I don’t like to eat fish too much anyhow.
This year, for the first time I decided to try catching a few fish.  One of the other old timers (I’m definitely one of the old timers anymore) from around the lake advised that the way to do it was to throw cracked corn into the water every day for a few days, then fish right there.  Well I took his advice, throwing in about a half gallon of cracked corn a day, right off my dock.  I stopped at the local bait shop, Soggy Bottom Baits and got  Johnnie and Bud to sell me bait and tackle, and teach me all their secrets (that didn’t take to long).  I started out catching catfish and that was a lot of fun, then I started catching carp; lots of carp.  I know its not exactly a game fish like a bass or a crappie and no, I don’t clean them, but its sure exciting to catch a five or six pound carp on a light, cheap fishing pole with 4 pound test line! Sometimes I can catch a fish every five minutes or so.
Best of all though is my grand kids!  My oldest granddaughter Ave in particular, got interested watching me and wanted to try her hand. I have a video of  Ava catching her first 4 pound carp all by herself.  I wouldn’t trade that video for a new car! The video is shown up above.
Over Memorial Day weekend we caught about 100 lb of carp right off the end of the dock, in spite of the cold wet weather!  The real beauty of this was the fact that all the fish were hooked in their lips and I’m pretty confident that not one of them died.  How can you beat that for entertainment? Maybe someday I’ll learn how to clean and cook them!  But I never really did like to eat fish all that much.
If you don’t have a place at the lake or if you do and have never fished off your lake bank you are missing a treat, especially if you have kids or Grand kids!
Give us a call!!  We can find you a place on the lake.  We’ve got several really nice ones for sale RIGHT NOW!!

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