July 27th, 2015 Real Estate Problem Solvers

Real Estate Problem Solvers

Stuff happens.

Sometimes, for one reason or another people get in a jam and need to sell some real estate in a hurry. Over the years I’ve seen folks make some pretty bad deals when they were in a bind and have to sell fast. On many occasions I’ve been able to get involved and be a significant help; making the sellers LOTS of money compared with what they would have gotten on their own. Barnes Realty has been in the real estate business for a long time and we’ve got a lot of contacts who are looking for real estate investments all the time. They might be just a phone call away. We can often act quickly and quietly to get something done, and get top dollar for a property, too. SO IF YOU’RE IN A “SPOT” AND NEED TO SELL SOME REAL ESTATE IN A HURRY, CALL US!! The call will be confidential and most of the time we can help, and if we can’t, well it doesn’t cost you a dime. Its one of the few things that’s FREE!l

That goes for sharecrop farmers, too! Generally you are the first to get word that a farm you are farming is going to sell and you know what that means for you if you’re not able to buy it yourself. If we hear from you, often times we can sell the property to an investor and you can keep right on farming for the new owner.


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