51.8 Acres, Holt County, MO

Here is a well located, top producing, Missouri river bottom farm. If you want to hunt this property yourself - this one is ready to go! If you’re just looking for the income this is well, set up and ready for continued lease revenue with Pro Outfitters, or any other guide service in the area.

Price: $12,992.28/taxable acre or $673,000 total

Agent: Jamie Barnes
(660) 851-1125 or Jamie@BarnesRealty.com

Broker Participation: Barnes Realty Company, as listing broker, will gladly, and fully cooperate with most licensed real estate brokers to obtain a sale of the property on terms satisfactory to the current owners.  Brokers should call the office for details of our co-brokerage policy.

  • Location: 
    Just west of the Corning, MO Exit 99 off of I-29. Tract is on the west side of Highway W and the east side of Highway 111.
  • Real Estate Taxes/Taxable Acres: 
    2022 taxes were $1,162.57 on 51.8 taxable acres.
    FSA Information:
    Farmland Acres: Coming Soon!
    Tillable Acres: Coming Soon!
  • Rental Status: 
    For the 2023 crop season it was the second of a two-year lease on 115 tillable acres at a rate of 320 per acre.
    The Current tenant would like to stay on, but it is available for full possession for the 2024 crop season.
    Additionally, Hunting lease to Pro outfitters in Rulo Nebraska runs through December 31, 2023 in the amount of $7,500.00
  • Improvements:
    Two concrete pit blinds on the West pool area.
    Bridge crossing on the southwest corner from Hwy 111
    Please review the tax map carefully and notice the area shown as owned by Mill Creek Dike, and drainage district. This does not exactly match the acres, that I am farming/cash, renting, and in possession of. ( see fsa map- coming soon!)
    It’s my understanding that when they moved the basin westerly, there was no paperwork filed at the courthouse.
    A Gentleman’s agreement is fine, but this must be disclosed to any future purchaser. This area as described should total 10 acres and no more. When I bought the property they were occupying approximately 12 acres, so I have shifted that east line accordingly-removed the dog leg and I am in possession of the acres that are currently being farmed. If you need any clarification on this or other details, I’m available any time for discussion.
    Additionally, the north neighbor has the right to access their field going up the east side of Mill Creek dike and drainage district Area.