Riverfront Lots, Richardson County, NE

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Riverfront Lots, Richardson County, NE
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Notice to Successful Bidder: Please understand Barnes Realty, as agent for the seller, has no say in their actions after the sale and may only guide the seller. They may Accept, but if they are not satisfied they may Decline or Counter offer the successful bid.
*Online Bids placed are in total amount for a 1-Acre lot. Bid Increment: $500.00
**Bid Snipping** Snipping is the practice of bidding in the last few seconds to leave no time for others to respond to a higher bidder. For this Online Auction, bid snipping parameters of the following will be set: Should any bids be placed in the final 10 minutes, a 10-minute extension will be granted for competing bidders.
Barnes Realty is agent for the seller. The successful bidder shall be notified no later than the end of close of business the following Friday.
No responsibility for technical difficulty, internet interruptions, wi-fi connections or other is assumed. It is the sole responsibility of the bidder for all risks associated with said technology.
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