Area Services

Ag Aerial Crop Scouting by Barnes Realty

We’ve engaged with Ag Aerial Crop Scouting that offers aircraft to enable us to assist with crop scouting fields you may not normally have access to.  If you would like to have your field scouted, don’t hesitate to share your needs with us. Real time aerial photos and videos from a drone are now available also. We are in business because of you and will gladly accommodate you in any way we can.

Land Improvement by Barnes Area Services 

Farmland value and income can be improved dramatically with a small budgeted amount off of each year's cash rent. Five years go by in a hurry, and if you or your tenant haven’t had a machine on site other than a planter, disk or a combine,  your farm could likely use some attention.   With no obligation, we’ll gladly review your farm and offer any ideas or suggestions and a free estimate of repairs or improvements.  

For example:  We recently sold a Missouri River Bottom farm at an auction in Doniphan County, Kansas.  Flying over in passing, I noticed about 3-5 acres weren’t farmed in 2013 due to lack of surface drainage.  Property owner asked for help, so we moved a scraper in and with about 50 hrs of machine time we had the farm repaired and draining well!  

Lending Services

The following is a list of companies that can help in your real estate transaction.  Barnes Realty is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of these firms.  These links are provided as a service and for informational purposes only:

Farm Real Estate:

Residential/Big Lake Real Estate:


Local Companies

We have also compiled a list of companies to help after you have moved into your house with plumbing, electrical, construction, etc.

  • Mark Manville, Construction (816) 294-5081
  • Tim Ashpaugh, Asphalt & Construction (816) 244-1722
  • Scott Jordan, Scott's Plumbing Service- Plumbing, HVAC, electical, etc.
  • Casey Johnson, Johnson Heating and Cooling-HVAC, repairs, plumbing, etc.
  • Ryan Karst, Karst Kooling- HVAC, repairs, plumbing, etc.
  • Brad Gannaway, Pro Outfitters-

Area Attractions

Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge
Located in northwest Missouri within the historic Missouri River floodplain, this 7,350-acre refuge was established in 1935 as a resting, feeding and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. Many of the original facilities were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration in the late 1930s.
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Big Lake State Park
Boating, fishing and abundant waterfowl have made Big Lake State Park one of northwest Missouri’s most popular outdoor recreation areas. The park is located on Missouri’s largest oxbow lake, which was formed by the Missouri River before its course was controlled by channelization.
Located just off Interstate 29 between Kansas City and Omaha, Big Lake State Park was one of the first public recreation areas in northwest Missouri. Today, visitors to the 407-acre park can enjoy picnic areas, a swimming pool, boat launching, fishing, bird watching, dining in the park’s restaurant and facilities for lodging and camping.
The park also has a large marsh that preserves an example of an early-day Missouri landscape. With the park’s location on Big Lake and Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge nearby, the area is a major feeding and resting place for birds and migratory waterfowl.
Visitors are welcome to stay overnight in the park’s motel or rent one of the comfortable lakeshore cabins that are available. You will find Big Lake State Park to be a restful and peaceful place, but one that also provides fun, water sports and outstanding bird watching.
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