Barnes Realty Auction Bulletin Board

We have been holding Public Auctions for many years!
We just recently started this bulletin board so you could see our results! 

Sellers Agent Comments:

The land market remains strong!  Our online Auction method is surpassing prior years highs whether the land was sold privately, or at a public auction. Our online Auction Bidder Registration is simple and anonymous.  Our Online Auction Fees are competitive. The information provided on these tracts is thorough and comprehensive, with high resolution Drone footage, and printable brochures with all the details.
Recent Sales: 
Holt County Irrigated Missouri Bottom went for $16,300/acre recently, and we had an upland tract that was highly tillable that brought $14,000/acre.
-Jamie Barnes, Broker

Successful sale on 10/21/2020!
"Barnes Realty had a bell ringer land auction last week when we sold three upland tracts in the Westboro, Missouri area. One 80 acre tract brought $8,400.00 per acre, a 40 acre tract brought $7,600.00 per acre and another 80 acre tract brought $5,500.00 per acre. All three tracts were in excellent condition and showed well. Local farmers bought all three tracts. 
We have strong demand for good land anywhere in our trade area. If you've thought of selling a good farm, please give me a call at 660-851-1152 and we can talk. Barnes Realty has been selling farmland for over 40 years now and we know how to get the best price for your land. One of the reasons good farmland is so high is that it almost never sells. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "I can't afford to sell; the taxes would KILL me!" Well, that's not entirely true! There a few legal ways to transfer your interest in a farm into MORE INCOME and less headache. Give me a call and I can tell you more."
-Rick Barnes, Broker

Century farm sale on 10/30/18! "On October 30, 2018 we held an auction for a really nice 228 acre farm North of Falls City, NE. We sold at auction the J & K Real Estate LLC farm that had been in the Lacey family for over 100 years. With 30 to 40 people in attendance the bidding was active with 3 to 4 local land owners participating. The bidding slowed down around $8,500.00 per taxable acre so the sale activity took a short break for everyone to adjust their thoughts. After about 5 minutes we opened the bidding again and asked for $100.00 more per acre and moved on up at $100.00 dollar increments to a final sale price of $10,400.00 per taxable acre. The farm was bid up by two local land owners who had a place for the property in their portfolio. It was again demonstrated that farmland is a long term investment that has created wealth for many farm families. This farm may very well remain in the purchaser's holdings for the next 100 years! If anyone has a generational farmland that does not fit the goals of the present or even the next generation, consult with Barnes Realty for developing a plan to pass it on to or to liquidate to help the present generation with their personal goals. We have a Certified Financial Planner on staff that is qualified to assist with both short and long term planning. Barnes Realty has the experience to help you and has established a reputation for integrity with your interests in mind to help you achieve your personal or family goals." 
-Roger Aberle, Salesperson

"MY HOW A LITTLE UNCERTAINTY CAN AFFECT A MARKET!! Today on 7/18/2018 we got a close up good look at what can happen when there are uncertainties in the farming business. Barnes Realty had a Real Estate auction today. The farm was a really good 114 acre upland farm in the hills between Fairfax and Craig, Mo. That's a GOOD neighborhood! Loess upland soils and; lots of qualified farm property owners nearby. Land seldom sells in that area.  As a matter of fact, that's why we had the public offering (we wanted to be fair by giving anyone who was interested a chance to bid and buy the farm). No one would be able to say that he or she didn't get a chance to buy the tract. 
I'd been working with the sellers for quite some time and I had advised them that the farm was worth at least $6,500-$7,000 per acre, maybe more if two of the neighbors were interested in bidding against each other!  
The auction did not go well. We had a good crowd, but no one would bid. I finally got a single bid of $4,500 per acre. That figure was far below the minimum and it was the best anyone would do. I liked the farm and the neighborhood and had decided that I'd pay the minimum if I got a chance, but I was not going to interfere with any other Buyers who were interested in the property.  
After the second break, I announced that the minimum price of the farm was $6,650 per acre  and that I was personally bidding that price so the farm was definitely going to sell today at the auction. I asked for anyone to raise my bid and no one did. I took two more breaks and went around the room asking anyone to raise my bid. Still, nobody did and I sold the farm to myself. It's the first time I've done that in almost 40 years in the business! There was plenty of financial capability there and quality farms like that one are normally hard to get at any price. Why those neighbors sat there and let me buy the farm is a mystery to me!  It can only be uncertainty! Maybe it was the possibility of tariffs, higher interest rates, the drought, or the current dip in commodity prices. Whatever it was, nobody would bid. I guess I'm an optimist (you need to be that way if you sell Real Estate), but I think the world is going to keep spinning, crops are gonna keep growing, and people are going to keep eating.  The future belongs to the optimists, not the pessimists.  I like this farm! "
-Rick Barnes, Broker

"Century farm sale on 12/13/17! We had good interest in this upland tract as it is highly tillable and well cared for in a good, highly productive area. It had blacktop access and some improvements. After 2 hrs of active bidding, and some flexibility from the Seller, we had a meeting of the minds! See our complete PDF comp sale data brochure that will post for 30 days after closing January 21, 2018."
-Jamie Barnes, Broker

Public Offering or Private treaty?

Barnes Realty doesn't only specialize in private treaty sales, but also conduct well orchestrated Public Offerings as well! Each situation is different- we offer guidance on each method & let you decide! We are always open to ideas and are willing to try most anything to generate the most exposure and best sales price...detailed brochures, flyers, mailers, post cards, etc.! 

If you choose to offer your land publicly at Auction, extensive steps for advanced advertising will be placed to give your upcoming Public Offering the most public exposure as possible! Weather permitting, we have on-site Auctions and also indoor auctions. If you choose to have an indoor auction, a special power point presentation will be given with all the properties details, Aerial video and photos will all be presented at the auction in addition to your detailed printable brochures we have produced special just for your property!

Barnes Realty presents no pressure Auctions were there is no chanting or fast paced talk, we give everyone a fair, clear, chance to bid and understand the bid and be the proud owners of the land being offered.

BARNES REALTY IS AGENT FOR THE SELLER! Our goal is to give everyone a fair chance and sell the land and the best price possible for the Seller!

Terms: 10% down auction day. Property will be sold/purchased as is, non-contingent on Buyer financing, to the highest bidder, subject to Seller’s confirmation. Announcement made on day of sale take precedence. (Additional terms are subject to specific sale and Sellers terms.)